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 Kyuni's application..

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Number of posts : 41
Age : 30
Game & Server : RebirthRO, Eir
Main Char : Kyuni , lvl 99
Registration date : 2008-07-08

PostSubject: Kyuni's application..   Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:33 am

Name: Pia
Location & Time Zone: Finland, at winter GMT+2 and summers GMT +3 (+2+1, stupid summer thing)
Spoken languages: English and finnish
Activity: Always when I can, about 3-10 hours a day

Main char and lvl: Kyuni, priest, lvl 79
Secondary char: don't have one O_O
Servers: RebirthRO and now Eternity (Still go in rro now and then)
Which Guilds on eRo have you joined and reason why you left them : none...

Why do you want to join Mafia : I like everyone in Mafia, people are nice and don't get mad if I say something silly or just run around like headless chicken.
What do you expect of Mafia : To be part of Mafia family. ^_^

If you have a friend already Member who is he / who are they :ShadowAtlan
Anything else we should know about you : Hmm.. well I have bad depression and I get huge panic attacks, and if I disappear then I'm probably hospitalised. I get happy easily but as easily I can get angry and sad... Can't think anything else now...
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Number of posts : 155
Age : 30
Location : INDIA
Game & Server : RRO
Main Char : BlazeX 99/70 sinX
r0ughnex 96/64 sniper
Souijuro 95/40 creator lool
kiLL switch 97/65 paladin
Registration date : 2007-12-12

PostSubject: Re: Kyuni's application..   Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:47 pm

hey welcome to mafia family...i hope u get this compliment too often..but you are so gorgeous Smile afro
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Number of posts : 65
Age : 29
Location : Costa Rica
Game & Server : RO on eRO/dRO - Cabal
Main Char : Angrist
Registration date : 2008-06-21

PostSubject: Re: Kyuni's application..   Tue Jul 08, 2008 3:01 pm

Hi Kyuni, I officially welcome to our family, even so I think your puppet ...cough "atlan" cough...already did =P. Hope you enjoy your time with us ^_^
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Number of posts : 136
Age : 32
Location : México
Main Char : Medea High Wizard Very Happy
Registration date : 2008-05-16

PostSubject: Re: Kyuni's application..   Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:44 pm

hahaha headless chicken hahaha so funny Very Happy
Welcome to mafia Kyuni, is great for me to have more girls in guild, we can rule the world Twisted Evil
You're ruling Atlan already Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Kyuni's application..   

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Kyuni's application..
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