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 Angelic joining eternity and mafia hopefully

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PostSubject: Angelic joining eternity and mafia hopefully   Tue Oct 21, 2008 3:24 pm

Name or Pseudo :YuTien
Age :15
Location & Time Zone :i dont know , but rebirthRO's woe is 8pm of my time every wed sat
Spoken Languages :English , cantonese ,mandarine ,malay
Activity (approx amount of hours played each day or Week) :monday - friday[5-6hour]
sat-sun/holidays[morning - night]morning 3 hour night 6 hour
Main char Class and lvl :havent finish DL , but is SinX or WS [ gypsy lvl 99, star gladiator 95(was previos ranker),champ 95) in rebirthRO]
Secondary Chars Class and lvl : never created any sec-char except vend slave
Which Servers have you already Played :rebirthRO only[ since this 1st april ]
Which Guilds on eRo have you joined and reason why you left them : mafia might be 1st

Why do you want to join Mafia : fed up on population and woe in rebirthro Eir and Mafia is a great guild in rRO
What do you expect of Mafia : fun/ enjoyable Woe,dungeon raid, fun talks

If you have a friend already Member who is he / who are they : mayb Thrall,
Anything else we should know about you : nothing , i have no real life [ game maniac ]

P.S please tell me woe time for me , i am living in UK [ Gmt +1] i think
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Mister Norris


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PostSubject: Re: Angelic joining eternity and mafia hopefully   Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:45 pm

Hey man, gotta say it would be good if you don't mind very much that we are almost inactive. We are not woeing yet.


Hm, by the way, in EternityRO a very nice tip to start well is to do a bit of experience quests. I recommend this path:

- get to base level 50;
- do lighthalzen friendship quest; (will end in level 62)
- do lost chield quest;
- do rachel sanctuary quest; (will end in level 75/50)

After changing to 2nd class, 2 possibly good quests would be:
- Shadow Quest Rekenber;
- Curse of Gaeboulg;

should end in level 82 if you followed just like this.

visit for guides on every quest.

For the rachel sanctuary quest, you will need 40 glacial hearts, which might be a bit tough for you to get, but if you use the @pc command (something very nice of ero) like this:

@pc ice heart

you might find a shop selling them cheap enough (less than 1k each hopefully)
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PostSubject: Re: Angelic joining eternity and mafia hopefully   Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:17 pm

HeyHey , welcome to mafia forum ,
I have to tell you the truth , we are not the Mafia you might knew on RRO ,
we can't even woe at the moment due to the low attendance , but some are still active .

anyway , the woe on eRo , sundays and saturdays , starts at 7 Gmt+1 and 8 Gmt+1 .
and by the way if you see thrall around tell him to checks this forum from time to time Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Angelic joining eternity and mafia hopefully   

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Angelic joining eternity and mafia hopefully
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