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 New Recruit Rule !

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New Recruit Rule ! Empty
PostSubject: New Recruit Rule !   New Recruit Rule ! Icon_minitimeMon Jun 16, 2008 6:13 pm

Hello Mafia ,

For the sake of building a better gameplay in Mafia Ranks please read those lines :

Changes :

- Mafia do not accept In game recruit anymore , if any one wants to join , he need first to register upon the forum.

-If you are new you will have to fill out an Application Form , upon this one , Mafia Veterans will accept or Reject it.

-Those who are not yet registered will need to do it as fast as possible , or they will be kicked .

-Being inactive for more than 2 weeks without posting any reason on the forum will result in a kick .

PS: Any one with the title"New Mafioso" will have to fill out the Application Form .

PS2: those rules could sound a bit harsh , don't be scared , Mafia is a Family seeking to enjoy the game Smile


New Recruit Rule ! Thisissinaaaxk3
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New Recruit Rule !
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