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Number of posts : 7
Age : 32
Location : India
Main Char : Hunter 94
Registration date : 2008-07-16

DeathroxX Empty
PostSubject: DeathroxX   DeathroxX Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 7:34 pm

Name or Pseudo :"Kiran" (ingame name) DeathroxX
Age :20
Location & Time Zone :India
Spoken Languages :english,Hindi,Tamil,Telugu,Kanada
Activity (approx amount of hours played each day or Week) :
2 hrs per day and 6hrs n week ends
Main char Class and lvl :Hunter 93
Secondary Chars Class and lvl :Ninja 85
Which Servers have you already Played :Inro,Animaro,Faithlessro
Which Guilds on eRo have you joined and reason why you left them :
Why do you want to join Mafia :Cause i have lotz f indians n dem
What do you expect of Mafia :
GOdd friends And lotz f Fun
If you have a friend already Member who is he / who are they :Crash
Anything else we should know about you :I can play Electric Guitar and also i can Rap
And im a naruto freak !!!
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Number of posts : 136
Age : 34
Location : México
Main Char : Medea High Wizard Very Happy
Registration date : 2008-05-16

DeathroxX Empty
PostSubject: Re: DeathroxX   DeathroxX Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 9:25 pm

Wow, you speak a lot o languages i'll never speak Shocked
Is good to have new members, most if they're friends of crashhh, welcome to mafia Smile
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